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Have you seen the epoxy coated warehouse floors or garage floors and thought to yourself “I like that! I’ll save some money and do it myself!” Then you go to the big box stores and get some “garage floor paint”? You go to a lot of trouble cleaning out your garage and “cleaning” the floor, finally applying the two-component epoxy. It must be good because it’s an epoxy and it’s not real cheap. You follow the directions and wait the allotted time before you drive your car in the garage. Then, right where your wheels sit, the coating lifts and your garage looks worse than it did before. Or you move your equipment back and sheets of coating lift? SAVE YOURSELF TIME, MONEY, AGGRAVATION AND UNDESIREABLE OUTCOMES! Each floor is different and requires different prep and coatings. Allow our professionals to properly clean, prep, specify and apply the coating system just right for your garage floor.

This homeowner had a large crack in his garage floor that he wanted to go away and he wanted his floor to “POP. We prepped the floor with our propane powered diamond grinder and HEPA-vac recovery system. After cutting the crack, we patched it with an epoxy patch. The entire floor was coated with a black epoxy. We followed up with a single broadcast using black quartz and top coated with a clear urethane with glitter incorporated into the coating to make the floor sparkle. We completed this project within several days and while the homeowner was at work, so there wasn’t any inconvenience of having to stay at home. He was completely satisfied and so were we!!

There are so many options and price ranges for your floor coating project…from a simple acid stain to a high-performance epoxy, to an elaborate double broadcast or urethane floor. We have the right system for you.

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