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This month’s project was to stop the peeling of the inside walls of this old church residence. The walls were concrete with plaster on top. The plaster was extremely slick and there were multiple layers of paint on the surface. They tried to paint with in-house maintenance, but found with their limited knowledge of systems, the paint kept peeling.

The first thing we had to do was remove the failing paint and scrape the walls. We sanded the slick surface and then cleaned the walls with a vinegar and water solution to level the ph balance and to remove dust.

The next process was to apply a high adhesion masonry primer. The building had no central air, which created a severe moisture problem. Before we could apply any paint, dehumidifiers and fans were run constantly while we were working, to create an atmosphere of low humidity so we could apply the patch and paint.

Joint compound was used to level the areas that had been scraped. Several thin layers were applied with substantial drying time in between so that the patches wouldn’t crack. Unnecessary holes were patched as well. Areas were sanded and inspected to make sure a smooth finish would be the result.

Patches were dusted and spot primed so that they wouldn’t “flash”. Wall surface was coated with a premium acrylic paint. This product was chosen because of its high adhesion, durability and washability. After proper drying time, we checked to make sure there were no other imperfections that had to be patched. After we were satisfied, a second coat of the acrylic paint was applied. Fans and dehumidifiers were run after the application to ensure the coatings would cure properly.

Previously stained wood trim was sanded, deglossed, cleaned and coated with a Stain Blocking Odorless Alkyd Primer. A waterborne epoxy white semi-gloss was then applied to the doors and trim to make them “POP”! The reason for using the epoxy was because we wanted a cross-link cure. This would ensure the durability we desire.

The church personnel were completely satisfied with the outcome and we’ve already scheduled more work there.

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