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I have worked together with Watergate Painting and specifically David and Darlene Tillem owners of Watergate Painting for over 15 years. They are experts in selecting and applying the proper high quality coatings for the application desired.

Their safety record and knowing how to get work done without interruption to operations is amazing. Once given a scope of work they handle it from there with zero follow-up.

They are extremely professional and their knowledge of prep, prime, and finish is the best I have ever seen. They transformed our plant. Their prices are fair and they always get the job done on time and within scope.

They are the best and most talented painting contractor I have ever worked with by far.

Their experience in the industry is unparalleled from residential to commercial to industrial to major infrastructure like large bridge painting projects. You will be impressed by their pricing, quality, and skills around coating.
They can analyze and come up with practical solutions for complex issues based on their diverse experiences.
Please consider them for bids and if they are privileged enough to get your bid you will not be disappointed.

Joe W.

Plant Manager

I am pleased to provide a reference on Dave and Darlene Tillem – Watergate Painting.  They are an exceptional painting company.  I have personally known the Tillems professionally for over a decade and they are true experts in their own field.  When given a project they have the knowledge and experience in selecting the highest quality products for the need thus resulting in long term savings for our organization.

Many companies cut cost on quality products to save money for a short-term effect, thus repeating the process not long after.  Dave and Darlene will recommend the best possible solution for your need, therefore extending the life of the paint work.

I love the fact that they are so customer-focused and there is no job too big or too small they can’t handle.  Their staff are courteous and respectful and adhere to any safety or customer requests. I would recommend Watergate to anyone that have painting needs. They have much pride in their work and it shows!

Melissa Dessauer

I am pleased to recommend the services of Watergate Painting to future patrons. Watergate has completed a number of floor projects for us in the past several years. We have also called upon the knowledge of David Tillem regarding the bidding and specifying of floor projects. The quality of their work was excellent and the project was completed within the agreed upon timeline. Additionally, the level of customer service we received was top notch.

Based on my experience, I feel confident in recommending Watergate’s painting services. They were not only thorough, but were willing to take time to address our concerns, which made the project move along smoothly.

Jason Jacinto

Nuco Painting Corp.

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